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It’s The Long Weekend…

August 5, 2008

I hate the long weekend. I know most people look forward to them like an oasis in the desert storm that’s the 9-5 hubris of life, but I look forward to the day when I can look forward to long weekends.

Monday was a ‘civic holiday’ here in jolly, communist, worker-friendly Canada; how worker-friendly et al you ask? So much so that they apparently invented this holiday just to give workers an extra day off. Oh how capitalists south of the border must be dreading the northern, Canuck Red Scare. I spent my long weekend in not entirely atypical style: listless, aimless, joyless, loveless. But this time I took it two shades past ugly. I ended up neither showering nor catering to other matters common to daily hygiene, as I wallowed away in my windowless dungeon of doom, trying to recall what sunlight was like.

I spent my days (and nights) watching the FX show Damages, and then the classic ’90s cop show Homicide: Life On The Streets, before capping the weekend off with John Sayles’s Lone Star, a film I rented because it seemed to bear parallels to a script idea I’m currently working on. I subsisted on a luxurious diet of nothing but cake and ice cream (I shit you not), but still manage to weigh a paltry 64kg. My metabolism (as well as my overly slender fingers and way too long and full eyelashes) is the envy of every woman I know.

And such a splendidly wasted long weekend must be to the chagrin of every 9-5er I know (my good friend in Calgary works so much overtime he only occasionally takes a Saturday or Sunday off – and of course was at work on the civic holiday). But at this stage of my life I have no life, which is why I keep on with my unpaid internship at Emmerson Denney Films, long after my tenure has expired: it gives me something to do (plus I like it). No, for me long weekends are only truly valuable – or bearable – when I’m writing.

In April, I spent 3 consecutive weekends writing my very first feature-length screenplay. It was wonderful – the best weekends I can recall in eons. It was bloody, heartwrenching, elating, glorious, mind-numbing, constipating, delirious, ecstatic, enriching. I can’t recall a more fun creative experience, even if my being a tyro – a novice, that is – showed through in the bulk of my writing choices. Writing is about rewriting, and I can’t wait to get back to that script.

But first I want some emotional distance, which is where my latest idea comes in. I was desperately seeking another script to write but, for the first time in my life, was 100% bereft of ideas and inspiration. Until The Dark Knight, which spawned an epic tragedy in my mind that I can’t wait to get started writing. But I won’t make the mistake of last time, of rushing into writing without getting the important preliminaries down. So my hands are sort of tied, and I have to resign myself to not writing my script until after I leave Toronto, Ontario CANADA in early September.

So I sit in a funk. But I’m developing an idea with some friends that we hope to fund and shoot next summer, so that should keep my agitation at bay. If all goes well with school, writing, fundraising and the whole shebang, and God smiles down mightily on us, well, by this time next year, I could really be looking forward to a long weekend. Amen.