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‘The Dark Knight’ Box Office Watch

August 5, 2008

And so it happened – more records fallen by the wayside as TDK stormed on with its take-no-prisoners raid on the North American box office. Having just held off The Mummy 3 for top spot (marking its 3rd weekend up there, a feat in these vicious summer weeks), Christopher Nolan’s superhero saga sat some $6 mil shy of $400m domestically – after only 17 days. The question now is whether it can pull in the necessary bread on Monday to finish off the job in 18 days, handily beating out the previous record held by Shrek 2 – which took a (relatively) whopping 43 days for that milestone.

So now I’m refreshing every hour or so, waiting in bated breath to find out if it’ll happen today or tomorrow (yeah I know – big difference). And all the talk at the moment is whether or not it will catch up to – and sink – Titanic.

Not to be mistaken: I’m a pretty bloody big fan of Titanic, and an even bigger one of James Cameron. There’ve been better films over the years by far, but somehow Titanic’s ludicrously lofty position in B.O. history feels…right. Biggest film, biggest risk (and don’t come saying LOTR; the hype around those films was phenomenal and it was always going to make it’s money back), biggest budget, biggest Oscar-haul, biggest B.O. It just felt right – still does, actually, so there will be a ping of regret if it is toppled, a mere 10+ years since it soared to the summit, a skilled marathon-runner vs. today’s top-heavy sprinters.

But The Dark Knight seems a sprinter with the endurance of a marathon runner, a combination never truly seen since the juggernaut days of the first Star Wars films. And I’m not saying that it’s going to surpass Titanic ($200m is still a lot of bread), but if it did, it would be the perfect film to do so. Its combination of brain and muscle, hope and tragedy – both filmic and, sadly, real – is just so palpable, making it one of the best summer movies of all time, and my 2nd favorite film overall this decade. Either way, The Dark Knight is a beautiful anomaly, a truly special film, and – if it were to take Titanic’s crown – it would just feel…right.

According to, The Dark Knight raked in $6.2m on Monday, pushing it to $400,038,494 – just a handful of cash past the magical 400m number. Too perfect.