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The Dark Knight comes home

December 18, 2008
It’s been a hectic while away since I posted anything – I moved out west (far, far out west) to start school (again), torn between my freelance script development stint back in Toronto, and then doing all sorts of heinous things to raise money for winter tuition. But it is very fitting to return with another piece on the thing that most changed my life in 2008, and prompted the creation of this blog in the first place: The Dark Knight.

This marked only the second time I’ve purchased a DVD on its release day (the other being The Last Samurai…shhhh!!!) since I was in England when Million Dollar Baby was released (and who needs those DVD region issues?). I picked up a limited edition 2-Disc Steelbook case copy at Future Shop for $27.99 (Cdn), and stepped right next door and saw it on Blue-Ray for $24.99. Now, I’m no fool (oh wait, I am) but I do know a good deal when I see one. Even if I don’t own a Blue-Ray player. So I picked up a copy, and probably won’t open the regular DVD till Christmas (I know, I’m so blasé about the whole thing). I might still end up giving it out, b’cos if reviews of the special features are to be believed, there could be a special special edition coming in the none-too-distant future to stores near you.



July 25, 2008

Sleep is becoming more of a chore these days as I freely sample sleep disorders like hors d’oeuvres at a fully staffed buffet. On introspection, I realize this began in earnest – surprise, surprise – after the midnight screening of The Dark Knight. I couldn’t sleep afterwards, and still showed up for work b4 9am the next morning. Because of a friend’s birthday party, I didn’t get home that night ‘til 4am, yet I was wide awake at 9am on Saturday, unable to sleep again.

That night I only managed another 5 hours, much to my chagrin, meaning 10 hours of sleep in the last 84. Then, to mix things up, Monday thru Friday, I found myself unable to wake up and rise, a condition mirroring hypersomnia, which can arise from clinical depression.

I’ve never been the best sleeper – despite what people tell me – and I find myself juggling mild forms of insomnia, hypnagogic terrors, and hypersomnia – none big deals in and of themselves, but can be a real bitch when chucked together during a working week. It’s becoming a real pain-in-the-ass, but at least the hypnagogic terrors are not as bad as I’ve experienced. I’ve always wanted to try to write such a condition into a character in a script, but while the sensation is novel (and literally breathtaking) it doesn’t lend itself well to the visual medium without becoming hokey or being really far-out and off-the-wall ala Terry Gilliam (and I’m, sadly, no Terry Gilliam).

For the uninitiated, hypnagogic terrors are – at least in my case – an irrational but overwhelming fear that seizes you during hynagogia, which is the phase between sleep and wakefulness. So, on occasion, I’m unable to fall asleep because of a powerful fear, which arises only on the very brink of falling asleep, that I will never be able to wake again. No amount of logical argument dispels this, as it occurs at a time when one isn’t really in a thinking mode. If I can’t kick it, I might as well exploit it in a script, but how dramatize something so incredibly palpable and powerful yet happens only in the head?

Origin story

July 21, 2008

I’ve been hesitant to start a blog for some time (read: lazy), but may have gotten the inspiration I needed to get my butt into gear last night (more on that later).

Anyway, I’ve been writing for longer than I remember – I won the Young Authors’ award in my elementary school in Poland when I was six, arguably the peak of my writing achievements, though not for a lack of trying. I wrote extensively for the Press Club in my high school back at home (Nigeria), and later became the most prolific contributer during my stints as Sports Editor/entertainment correspondent for two separate university newspapers. In between I’ve tried writing novels in fits and starts, before finally embracing the nuanced artform that is screenwriting (I finished my first feature script 3 months ago, over 3 very fruitful and ridiculously enjoyable – and taxing – weekends). I’ve always been a film aficionado, finally translating that into a pursuit of the craft of filmmaking. I’d very much love to transfer that passion into this blog, as I’ve always got a million-and-one film-related issues running through my mess of a mind.

That said, you will excuse me the slight meandering ramble on issues of the mind and heart, which are only filmic when considering that all formative experiences impact one’s creative juices.

So, without terribly much (more) fanfare and ado, I christen this – the Journals of a Journeyed Film Journalist (not a stretch considering I’ve lived and played in at least 7 countries on 4 continents) and set sail. Cheerio.

Ike Matthew Ogosi esq.