The Dark Knight comes home

It’s been a hectic while away since I posted anything – I moved out west (far, far out west) to start school (again), torn between my freelance script development stint back in Toronto, and then doing all sorts of heinous things to raise money for winter tuition. But it is very fitting to return with another piece on the thing that most changed my life in 2008, and prompted the creation of this blog in the first place: The Dark Knight.

This marked only the second time I’ve purchased a DVD on its release day (the other being The Last Samurai…shhhh!!!) since I was in England when Million Dollar Baby was released (and who needs those DVD region issues?). I picked up a limited edition 2-Disc Steelbook case copy at Future Shop for $27.99 (Cdn), and stepped right next door and saw it on Blue-Ray for $24.99. Now, I’m no fool (oh wait, I am) but I do know a good deal when I see one. Even if I don’t own a Blue-Ray player. So I picked up a copy, and probably won’t open the regular DVD till Christmas (I know, I’m so blasé about the whole thing). I might still end up giving it out, b’cos if reviews of the special features are to be believed, there could be a special special edition coming in the none-too-distant future to stores near you.


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